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Live Phyto CRIT Pouch, 16.9 oz.



Live Microalgae Phyto CRIT is a blend of our most popular microalgae and is specially formulated to provide the broadest range in cell size and content of omega-3s, proteins, vitamins, and other phytonutrients.

  • – Each pouch contains Chaetoceros, Rhodmonas, Isochrysis, and Tetraselmis microalgae
  • – This is the ideal blend to target the widest range of filter feeding organisms. Whether you are kick-starting the microfauna cycle in your aquarium or target feeding clams, sponges, and coral, CRIT has you covered
  • – This algae is produced in an in-house, sterile environment
  • – Size: 16.9oz/500 mL Pouch


  • Days to Ship : Ships Next Business Day

  • Weight : 16.9 OZ


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