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Friskies Party Mix Natural Yums Catnip Flavor Cat Treats, 6 oz.



Watch her swoon when you offer your feline  Party Mix Natural Yums Natural Catnip Flavor With Added Vitamins, Minerals and Nutrients cat treats. With the flavor of catnip in every crunchy bite, these tasty tidbits arouse the senses and get cats excited for treat time. Our wholesome recipe uses natural ingredients such as real chicken, plus added vitamins, minerals and nutrients. This delicious snack contains fewer than 2 calories per piece, so it can be regular part of your adult cat’s balanced diet. We don’t add any artificial colors, flavors or preservatives to our recipe, so you can give your cat a truly scrumptious treat with an ingredient list you both feel good about. The bite-size bits come in playful shapes for your furry friend to paw and pounce on, while the texture adds a satisfying crunch to pique her curiosity and keep her entertained.

  • – Catnip flavor for a captivating taste
  • – Natural ingredients with added vitamins, minerals and nutrients for a real, delicious treat
  • – Crunchy texture cats love helps clean teeth
  • – Feed adult cats up to 2 treats for each 1 pound of body weight with a maximum of 10 treats daily
  • – Supported by a 90-year history of quality pet nutrition
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  • Primary Flavor : Chicken

  • Primary Brand : Friskies


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